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Cash incentives extended and to double to £3,000 for employers of adult apprentices

Financial incentives are set to double to £3000 for employers hiring apprentices aged 25 and over, this was previously £1500 for over 25s. This now means regardless of age every new apprenticeship hire will see a £3000 payment. This payment is on top of the £1,000 payment for new apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those under 25 with an Education, Health and Care Plan, meaning that some employers could receive a maximum of £4,000 . This scheme will run from April until September 2021, which is an ext…

Access to Employment and Learning Fund

Residents of West Somerset can use the Access to employment fund to help overcome any barriers to employment or learning. This fund can be used for Transport Essential work equipment and work wear Childcare costs Cost of training or learning Any other barriers to learning – please get in touch For the more information,  employment and learning fund eligibility criteria and the application form please visit –…

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Interested in Working in Childcare?

Come and find out more about the opportunities in Childcare at The Beach Hotel – Minehead, Thursday 7th November 2019 Drop in anytime between 12.30PM-7.00PM for an informal chat and find out about: What it’s really like to be a Childminder, Teaching Assistant or Midwife – Busting the myths! Training Opportunities Qualifications & Apprenticeships Volunteering Career Pathways: Getting started Progression opportunities Funding available At the event there will be crèche facilities, refreshments…

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