Supported Employment Case Studies


Name: Liam

“I love this job so much and I'm happy to come to work every day”
Photo of Liam
Photo of Liam at work

Liam has worked on his traineeship with HOST. He has shown hard work and dedication to the role. The enthusiasm he brings to each and every task he has been given is inspiring. He is a great team player and a conscientious worker. His work ethic is extremely high and he hasn’t had a single day off sick in 6 months.

Due to his hard work and commitment, Liam was successful at interview and impressed management. He has been awarded with a 40 hour- full time contract with HOST. 

He has been awarded Trainee of the year 2018 and was nominated for HPC excellence award 2019.


Name: Finn

“Without Discovery I would never have got this job”

Finn has been working really well in his traineeship at HPC. His role as Stores man has allowed him to pick and load orders, along with completing relevant paperwork. He has been working on deliveries and using the internal computer system to process the paperwork to completion. Finn has been on site ready for work at 7:00 a.m. which means he has to leave home 2 hours earlier and he has done this without fail. He has shown loyalty, flexibility, determination and good work ethic.

Due to all his hard work, he was successful at interview and gained a 40 hour, full time position with Bylor. His manager is Steve Search and he is extremely happy that Finn is be part of the team