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"A skill is the capacity to perform, drawing on what is known"

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An employer looks for the right person with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours when employing people. 

The skills, knowledge and behaviours that you have determines in many cases your job and your future prospects. Developing the skills you have or learning new skills to progress can be challenging and also great fun and a great benefit to you. 

You may be looking to improve your skills for your current situation both work or personal, looking to move into a new job role, or you may just enjoy learning new skills and improving yourself.

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There is a very wide range of Skill Up opportunities to develop your skills, Knowledge and Behaviours to suit most sectors and people. There are sector specific and generic sector and business skills training and education opportunities to support development that are bite sized short courses, accredited qualifications and bespoke courses to meet your needs.

There are far too many opportunities available to mention, please contact the Skill Up Information and Employment Adviser.

Having the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you need for life and the employment market is essential for many people.

Why not give yourself the opportunity to improve skills where appropriate, this could lead to new doors opening for you.

Many Colleges, Training Providers and other organisations can support you to Skill Up. The Skill Up team are constantly updating their knowledge of the opportunities available and through the partnership with the Dorset and Somerset Training Provider Network can source provision from a wide range of providers.

There are also a number of Local, Regional and National initiatives that are available from time to time, again the Skill Up team will be aware and can signpost you to the appropriate contact.

The cost can vary from Government funded, Co funded with Government support and full cost to the you.

Eligibility criteria often apply and can vary from opportunity to opportunity.

Contact the Skill Up Information and Employment Adviser today to help to short cut your route to the right information.

For more information, contact us.

benefits of improving your skills

Increasingly jobs are requiring formal training and qualifications.

Developing your skills through further training provides significant benefits including:

Increased employment and progression prospects

  • Training is proven to enhance your employment opportunities.
  • In undertaking and completing a training course, your progression, and employment opportunities are improved.

Enhanced career opportunities

  • In most sectors and job roles, simply having lots of experience, does not always suffice for employers.
  • By taking further training, the opportunity to develop your career is definitely enhanced.

Personal growth

  • Training provides much more than just new skills and can bring increased confidence, new networks and improved communication and other skills
  • Taking control over your personal development

Knowledge Updating

  • Keeping your knowledge up to date