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Skill Up my Workforce

Skill up My Workforce

Skills Information for business

Your workforce requires skills to do their job and meet your customers needs. 

There may also be the need for members of the workforce to develop those skills or learn new skills to progress to a new role, meet the needs of new markets or increase productivity, quality or competitiveness.

  • What?
  • Why?
  • Cost?
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There is a very wide range of Skill Up opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of the workforce to suit most sectors. There are sector specific and generic sector and business skills training and education opportunities to support development that are bite sized short courses, accredited qualifications and bespoke courses to meet the business need.

There are far too many opportunities available to mention, please contact the Skill Up Apprenticeships and Skills Adviser.

A workforce with the right skills will improve the efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness and profitability of your business.

Offering staff the opportunity to improve skills where appropriate can also lead to increased motivation and loyalty.

The cost can vary from Government funded, Co funded with Government support and full cost to the business.

Eligibility criteria often apply and can vary from opportunity to opportunity.

Contact the Skill Up Apprenticeships and Skills Adviser today to help to short cut your route to the right information.

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Skills Support for the Workforce


Skills Support for the Workforce in Heart of the South West – Funded Training to Help your Business Progress

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Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) is a programme developed to upskill employees within small and medium-sized businesses in Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Torbay. SSW provides recognised accredited qualifications and bespoke training courses to enhance your employees’ skills, increase the competitiveness of your business and boost the local economy.

SSW is co-financed by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the European Social Fund. This means you can access a wide range of training at no cost* to your business.  *subject to eligibility

What’s on offer?

  • A training needs analysis for your business, identifying the skills you need to support your business ambitions
  • Flexible training – pick full qualifications or mix and match individual units to suit your business
  • On-the-job vocational training to meet individual and business needs including taught learning, workplace assessment, distance learning and online learning
  • Learning pathways for your employees enabling them to progress within your organisation onto higher level qualifications or apprenticeships
  • Recognised accredited qualifications and training courses to enhance your employees’ skills

How could you benefit?

  • A more efficient business with improved profitability
  • A highly skilled workforce delivering quality outputs for your customers and improving business performance
  • Improved staff satisfaction and motivation, reducing staff turnover
  • A wider appeal to new recruits
  • Competitive advantage in your marketplace and improved chance of winning new business

SSW also offers training for individuals at risk of redundancy or recently made redundant. Contact the SSW team for more information or visit our website.

SSW in Heart of the South West is managed by Serco in partnership with Heart of the South West LEP. Serco delivers the training through a network of expert training providers.

Contact Serco’s SSW team today to find out about training for your business:




There are many Skills Training opportunities available please contact us to find out more

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Why Skill Up my Workforce?

Why is training/upskilling your workforce important?

Traineeships are designed to help young people who want to get an apprenticeship or job but don’t yet have appropriate skills or experience.

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All of your local training providers working together to ensure we have the highest quality training to meet then needs of our local community and employers skills needs.  

The network comprises of 42 colleges and independent training providers.  

For more information on the training that the DSTPN offer or support with engaging in other training provision outside of the Network – Marie or Jane will be able to support your Apprenticeship and Skills journey, whether an individual or employer.

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Marie Howard